Digital Marketing Expert

Saman Naeem

Saman is the Digital marketing expert of Innovate Technologies.



Skilled in Digital marketing and Manage all social accounts, WordPress, Adobe Applications, SEO & E-Marketing.

Saman is the Marketing manager as well as business development manager who is responsible for online marketing consultancy and brand-building on the web. Her starting point is always to get to know the client and understand why their customers buy from them. Overall company’s business development strategies are being planned and implemented by Her. She also works with project managers jointly to better understand clients’ requirements and helps deliver a quality product. She finally also ensures quality measures if the product is per clients’ expectations. She knows more than clients what they should need for their business. She is highly skilled in WordPress and familiar with graphic designing. She is very friendly and cooperative.

Professional Skills

Digital marketing 95%
WordPress Development 92%
online business management 85%