Frontend Developer

Iswa Sohaib

Iswa Sohaib is the Front-end developer of Innovate Technologies.



Skilled in creating a front interface using web languages such as HTML, and CSS, WordPress, UI/UX Designs, Designs & Development, Adobe Applications.

Iswa is a highly skilled front-end developer who builds the front-end portion of websites and web applications, balancing client needs and production constraints and delivering great solutions. Her starting point is always to get to know the client and understand what would be the best way to satisfy their needs. As a front-end developer, she is responsible to manage and maintain the integrity and quality of all the projects according to the company’s standards. Iswa is a highly experienced, hardworking, and very capable lead developer for always doing challenging projects and tasks. She is a good WordPress developer and also familiar with graphics she creates a front interface using web languages such as HTML, and CSS.

Professional Skills

Frontend Developer 95%
WordPress Development 92%
UI/UX Designs 85%