Creative Director

Emtnan Zulfiqar

Emtnan Zulfiqar is the Creative Director & Designer of Innovate Technologies Pakistan.



Highly Skilled in Graphic designing and WordPress Development, Creative Director, Adobe Applications (illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, Canva pro), Brand Stationary, Video Editing, MS Office, Designs & Development, WordPress, PHP, UI/UX Designs,

Emtnan is an ambitious, committed, and energetic individual Highly skilled Graphic Designer, Manage Brand stationery, video editor, MS Office Expert, and a good WordPress Developer with her highly Creative skills.

A highly multi-talented with an artistic mind, Emtnan is a Creative Director of Innovate technologies and UI / UX Designer who is detail-oriented and experienced in designing high-quality, interactive webs, UI/UX, and mobile apps. She has a great flair for user-centric design and developing branding solutions for clients. Emtnan carefully understands what you are aiming for and gently positions requirements in form, hitting success every time. She’s innovative, fearless, self-motivated, and can take ownership of an idea or project to deliver tangible results that will help shape the next generation of the social and mobile web.

Professional Skills

WordPress Design & Development 95%
Graphic Designer 100%
Digital Marketing 94%
Creative Skills 90%
MS Office Expert 100%