Jinnah Spaces,Mumtaz Market Gujranwala.

Uswa Sohaib

Social Media Manager

As our Social Media Manager, Uswa Sohaib is the creative force driving our organization’s online presence and engagement. With an innate talent for crafting compelling digital narratives, a deep understanding of social media platforms, and a keen eye for trends, Uswa Sohaib has consistently elevated our brand’s visibility and resonance in the digital realm.

Uswa Sohaib possesses a remarkable ability to not only capture the attention of our target audience but also foster meaningful connections and engagement across various social media channels. Their strategic approach to content creation, community management, and data analysis ensures that our social media strategies remain dynamic and effective.

Under Uswa Sohaib’s guidance, our social media presence has seen remarkable growth, with an expanding and engaged audience. Uswa Sohaib is not only a social media maven but also a motivating leader who inspires our team to create and share content that resonates with our audience and aligns with our brand identity. We’re proud to have Uswa Sohaib as our Social Media Manager, shaping our online narrative and keeping our brand at the forefront of the digital landscape